A Quick Overview on Static and Dynamic Website

Site: a site is only a spot which conveys data to numerous customers which associated with it. This spot is called web server show a solitary space where the information really found. By and large this is called URL (Universal resource locator) of that web server. Client sends a solicitation to get to information thing through the web convention i.e. HTTP. The web server gives the reaction to the customer, this reaction contain the information in type of markup. This reaction is called site page. This site page made from any markup dialect like HTML, which holds the substance like content, pictures, liveliness, joins , sound, video and so on so one line definition a site as ” A site is accumulation of Webpages which convey data to the customer from the web server over the system”.

  1. Static sites: – static sites contain settled number of pages and arrangement of site page is altered which conveys data to the customer. There is 110 change in substance of website page while page is running on customer’s program. This sort of sites made from HTML and CSS coding on basic content tool like scratch pad. Illustration an association site, establishment site and so forth.
  2. Dynamic sites: – dynamic sites can change the website page substance powerfully while the page is running on customer’s program. This sort of sites use server-side programming like PHP, Asp.NET. what’s more, JSP and so on to adjust page substance on run time. Dynamic sites use customer side scripting for plan dynamic configuration and server-side code to handle occasion, oversee session and treats, and putting away and recovering information from database. Case E-trade destinations, online structure application, E-administration website, long range informal communication locales and so on.