What would be the future of Web Development

Web has always been a powerful platform to serve the various verticals of the society through the content available in it. We have witnessed some mega yet progressive changes in the format and in technical aspects of the web over the past two decades. The changes are inevitable and also ‘demand of the time and the same theory is applicable to the web development. Thus, ‘future of web development’ has always been a hot topic of discussion among the tech geeks, IT experts and the common man.

However, the future of web development seems different from the vision of each category that estimates it. So, let’s have a look over the common elements that are likely to be part of the web advancement:
Ultra Responsive Web Design – We know that current era is of responsive web design but, there are countable things that should be improved in responsive approach of the website expansion to make it more user-friendly. In recent scenario, it is not possible to stretch an image or text without making it blurred. Thus, developers and web-experts must be looking forward to resolve the issue and to provide a medium via which a user can stretch an image or written text as per his wish without worrying about its visibility.

Drag and Drop Facility -‘Touch and Explore’ is the recent phenomena of the technology world. The developers also want to enjoy the feel of touch in the development procedures. The programmers are putting all their efforts in making the development process fast, effective and standard. Thus, it is expectable that developers will now be looking forward to develop an interface via which they can just drag and drop the already build themes, templates, designs, images, text and other relevant content, wherever required Support to Multiple OS – The mind of the present world is set to explore as many things as possible. Hence, they always welcome the new technology by positively accepting it. We have gone through the same fact in recent days as people have opted for new operating systems, like – Android, IOS and BB ahead of Windows (The most popular OS). Thus, it is obvious that tech makers will now be looking ahead to come up with a development technology that can be compatible for multiple OSs.

Real Time Accessibility – The main obstacle that websites face in today’s frame is the real time accessibility. Most of the websites rely on the weak servers and hence, take much time in getting loaded. In this fast pace world, no one wants to waste even a nano-second. Thus, it is quite sure that future will bring real time accessible feature in website design and development.

Open End Technology – Few years back, nobody would have estimated the mobile phones the way they are now. This has explained the technical world that technology is unpredictable and hence, you need to be always ready to accept it. Thus, web world also need to be versatile enough to welcome any sorts of technical change. This has given weight to the estimations that web world will be coming up with open end frameworks and programming languages that can help them in dealing with highly-advanced devices.