How to Bring Audience to your Online Portal?

When you are done with creating the web portal, done with launching the portal and done with the payment gateway integration, there comes the main part and main goal to bring the audience to your e-shopping portal.  With lots of e-shopping portal in the industry and with the fact, many of them are doing good, it is really a daunting task to secure a prominent position in between. However, targeting on the below mentioned key points, you can drive quality traffic at your domain. Let’s have a look:

Thorough Promotion Even before the launch of the portal, you should create its buzz around the market. This is more like first interaction with the target audience. Hence, it should be huge and good. Content promoting the online platform should be impressive and easy to understand. A series of images, text content and text videos can be use to aggressive promotion.

Offers and Discount Schemes You should plan a number of offers and discount schemes to attract the users. It should not be complicated but easy-to-go. Also, prevent the terms, like ‘Terms & conditions applied’ while promoting the offers as it creates a negate impact on the mind of the buyers. Indian audience love to shop through the online portal running the schemes and offer. Thus, everything will remain positive throughout the offer-running period.

Create the Base Customers To create the base customers or we can say the loyal customers you should not think of earning a lot initially. Keep a very short profit margin to gain maximum customers. Once you are done with creating fan base, you can then think of raising your profit margins and it won’t be noticeable even.

A Day A Deal Keep your audience interested in your portal by applying the formulas, like a day a deal offer. This means you will be creating a deal for your customers on regular basis. The deal can be category wise or can be in general as well. This will appeal the user to atleast check the deal and if it is really effective, then it will give you more than satisfactory sales. Also, keep a record of the deals which have earned you good business, so that you can play around the same when you are not getting good sales.